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IniManager does not update aircraft, even after downloading and running update


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IniManager v1.0.4 Installed.  It recognizes all my products correctly.  Attempted to update A300 from v2.01 to the latest (at the time 2.05, now 2.06) and it does not work.  IniManager downloads update, says updating, then finishes.  Once finished, aircraft remains at original version 2.01, and saying there is an update available.  Have run IniManager several time to try again, same every time.


Appreciate any help please.

Thank you

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Same thing for me, I have to download the A300 twice for having Inimanager display the latest update correctly.

Moreover, Inimanager downloads each time the full version of A300 (1.9 Gb) !!!

On the contrary, everything is correct for A310, the update is correctly displayed by Inimanager the first time and only the modified files are downloaded.

(Xplane was not running, Inimanager version 1.04)

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Ubaid & Sam, thanks for input.

Some progress, but there seems to be an issue with the IniManager.


- I uninstalled IniManager (although it was v1.04 - btw updated from v1.03 within the app I think)

- Downloaded and installed v1.04 from Sam's link

- Ran new IniManager (ran in Admin mode, as always), it immediately detected my products, showed two updates available 1) A310 from v1.11 to 1.12 & 2) A300 from v2.01 to 2.07

- The A310 update ran without a problem, updated aircraft

- A300 updated (with full download) to v2.06, then it showed an update available to v2.07.  At this stage I shut down IniManager, returned a few hours later, started Manager again and attempted to update. As before, it downloads the update (and this appeared to be a short download) then nothing happens.  A300 remains at v2.06, showing update available to v2.07

Note, X-plane was never running during these updates.

Sorry for the long message, trying to help you identify issue.

Hope it helps, Thanks.

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Hello @frasi238,

Thanks for the update. That's quite odd as there is no real way for the iniManager to install v2.06 as v2.07 is the latest version, the v2.06 files are not available on our servers to download anymore.

If you go to \X-Plane 11\Aircraft\iniSimulations\Documentation, what is the version number at the top of the A300 manual?

Would you also be able to record a video of you trying to update the A300 and send that via the direct message I just sent you? This will help our developers diagnose this further.

Thank you!

Sam Wheeler
Senior Management | iniBuilds

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