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  1. Evtl. gibt es keine ATIS im Onlinenetzwerk für den Flughafen zu der Zeit. Du kannst die Daten auch manuell eingeben. Die ATIS kannst DU abhören über Funk oder auf der Minimap von XP nach Anklicken des Flughafens einsehen. Ansonsten versuche alternativ über CPDLC die METAR des Flughafens abzurufen, die geht in den meisten Fällen. Dann ausdrucken, anheften und die Daten ebenfalls manuell eingeben.
  2. To me that happened onlz on descends so far, when I used FLC before that. Than it sticks to the manual dialed speed instead of the FMS speed, mostlz because teh selected speed is in mach and it wants to hunt that at lower levels. Mz workaround in that case is to go FLC, dial in a slow speed until it gets to knots instead of Mach, dial it up again to 270 and re/engage profile mode. That helped always. It never heppened to me after takeoff as far as I can remember.
  3. Oops, I guess the PW engine has less fuel burn. There must be a reason that the later A310 were more build with the PW eninges (source: Airbus A310 | Aircraft Wiki | Fandom)
  4. Of course you might. A "double" typo error, should have been TOC (Top of climb) but in that case it also fits for BOD (Bottom of descend)
  5. Additional note: If you missed TOD do step 1+2, then press profile to re-arm profile and the plane also goes into P.DESC mode.
  6. Steps to follow BEFORE reaching TOD: 1.) Set the descend altitude 2.) Pull the knob to arm it, P.DESC is shown in blue below P.ALT When reaching TOD the plane will descent.
  7. 800-1000 ft/min at the final or the whole approach? Maybe it is also triggered when to fast, i only know it from steep appraoches or cominh in to steep on manual approach. BTW 160 knots with full flaps sounds wrong to me, even when fully loaded. The highest approach speed I got in the past was about 146 or 148 with full load. Maybe that is the reason.
  8. It usually goes on by itself when the apporach is to steep, mostly preceeded by a "caution terrain" warning. Does not happen on 3 degrees approaches when no terrain collision may occur.
  9. A note to those users who haven't seen any of the interwiews with LR /promo videos of XP12: Rain will be integrated into XP12 based on the librain code - but not as plugin but fully integrated. So rain and weather effects will come for ground scenery and planes. And I am prety sure since it is fully integrated there are only a few wteaks / information providing neccessary for plane creators to get the most of it and I guess inibuilds will then provide it.
  10. On the performance pages inside the manual there are onlygiven one MTOW, ZFW and related data. I would expect the freighter, passanger and business variants to differ because of the different interior. Has this not been taken in account? Are these three variants only modelled different visually but share the same performance data? The empty weight of the freighter officially is a lot less while acj/vip variants used tohave bigger fuel tanks. Or was this data just forgotten to be mentioned inthe manual?
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