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INI Manager: Not Allowing a Login


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I have installed the IM as is necessary to obtain the latest builds; I have licences to the A300 & A310, and I'd like the latest version of the A300.

Even though I have successfully logged in to my account directly on the IB home page, I cannot get the IM to log me in to my account, even after resetting my password and running IM as an administrator.

What should I do?

Thank you,




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It's very odd and not terribly inspiring, all the more so as a first impression of their new IM system.

Implementing a front-end system to facilitate access to accounts should (read must) be a reliable and foolproof method so that licenced users can, absolutely, access their products at any time, especially since it is now the only method of access.

To not provide adequate functionality or throughput is contrary to expectations and agreements. Best endeavours doesn't cut it, I'm afraid; simply, it is frustrating beyond belief, especially when trying to access a long awaited new release.

If this were any other commercial industry, we'd be able to invoke penalty clauses, and I should imagine IB does exactly that when they aren't receiving agreed services, but for unempowered end users, online sales regimes aren't quite so favourable.

I should imagine that their systems have been inundated, and that waiting will eventually resolve our issues, not that this is helpful or warranted.

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Due to the large amount of users trying to access the manager for the first time and those trying to update the A300 v2, we’re currently experiencing server load issues. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Please contact us directly and we will provide a manual download link for the time being: inibuilds.com/contact

Sam Wheeler
Senior Management | iniBuilds

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I think it would reasonable to have the option of downloading from the homepage as well as the manager to suit all needs. These are top end but expensive purchases which should have the flexibility when it comes to accessibility. I am looking at a blank page on the manager whilst trying to access the Beluga I bought last night, as well as wanting to update to the A300V2.     

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