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  1. Yes, absolutely. There is, however, good reason in asking for rain effects to be implemented in XP11, be it in Vulcan and/or OGL, as I suspect that significant user numbers may elect to not upgrade from XP11 to XP12. This leaves two magnificent high end products with everything except rain effect. Anyway, good news for the A310 entering service under MSFS, except that we may be facing rain effects without weather radar. It seems to me that FS Nirvana is always a step ahead of us.
  2. Since you released your A300/A310 products, I have flown little else, such is the value of these to me. Two nights ago, I flew into a wet La Guardia, and last night I ventured into a wet Luqa. We are in Autumn, wet season is here. I was elated with the aircraft, but saddened that I had my wipers wiping a dry windscreen in a hailstorm of rain, when even my old and faithful JRollon CRJ provides (decent enough) rain effects. That’s not quite right, not these days anyway, I don’t think.
  3. Yes, I understand that, and now we all know even if it wasn’t hard to guess. In my opinion, rain effects should be offered as standard in all high end products, including your A300 & A310 products. I always felt that you were better than choosing to not say anything, but I was wrong, hence my disappointment. It seems as if customers wanting rain effects in their IS A300/A310 aircraft will have to wait until XP12, which will arrive at cost for platform as well as potential product upgrade costs. Some users may choose to not upgrade to XP12, so they’ll be stuck without rain effects in a high end product. Honestly, I expected more from you, perhaps even implementing rain effects of your own design, like other developers.
  4. Honestly, I cannot think of a single good reason for secrecy, it is nothing but nonsensical smoke-screening. Even if you’d prefer to wait for XP12 rain effects, you should say so. First and foremost, your audience consists of customers as well as potential customers, please don’t forget that. The sums of money we have exchanged for licences to use your products are not insignificant, thus our investment in you is not marginal and not to be marginalised.
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    The vertical fins of the Alitalia and Iberia has been corrected. Also, I have added a VASP A300 to the collection...
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    Four of my IB A300-B4 liveries...
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