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iniManager Released


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We're excited to announce that the long awaited iniManager has released. We greatly appreciate your patience as our team worked through some last minute bugs that arose during the implementation phase.

You can download the iniManager here: manager.inibuilds.com

The iniManager will receive regular updated as our team works to resolve any issues.

What is the iniManager?

The iniManager is an all-in-one application to manage your iniBuilds Store products. 

All downloadable products and purchases have been shifted through to the iniManager experience making it a mandatory download to continue managing your iniBuilds Store purchases.

Your iniBuilds Store account is used to access your product library, meaning that if you're already a customer with us, you're ready to go.


How do I download the iniManager?

The iniManager can be downloaded here: manager.inibuilds.com. Future updates are pushed automatically to the app, meaning you won't have to redownload the installer.


Will the iniManager recognize my manually installed products?

In order to detect your products correctly and ensure they're kept up to date, you're required to remove your current addons that were installed manually from the iniBuilds Store and install directly through the iniManager. Going forward, you'll be able to update your products directly through the iniManager.


Where are the liveries?

You can download them via the forum. In the next few weeks you will be able to find these in the iniManager.

What about Linux?

Linux compatibility is coming soon. If you're a Linux user, please contact our team directly, and we'll set you up with a download link for your products.

Where can I receive support if I run into issue?

If you run into any issues, please reach out to our team directly and we'll be happy to help: inibuilds.com/contact.

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Sam Wheeler
Senior Management | iniBuilds

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Cleared up some of these comments:

To summarise:
- We had some server issues on release. No longer an issue. If you are struggling to login - please contact direct support.
- Custom path installation is coming soon.
- No, you cannot transfer ToLiss licenses. Verticalsim you can.

We appreciate some of you would like to do it the old way, but the requests for an updater/manager outweigh this option. What we will do, is act on feedback and make this tool better and more useful for you. 

Kind Regards


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