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SimSolutions DA40NG v1.01


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SimSolutions' DA40NG v1.01 has been released. This update includes various bug fixes and improvements.


- Adjustments to engine performance
- Various visual improvements & fixes (updated models, textures, lights)
- Added key in keyhole for master switch - Added pilot, passenger in exterior view
- Added new livery (N226DA)
- Updated wheel fairing model
- Updated sounds (Pitot heat switch, emergency switch)

- Numbers below load & RPM dials now go amber/red when entering the amber/red arc.
- Audio panel lights are no longer powered when the battery is off
- Corrected logic of flap lights
- Corrected logic of fuel transfer
- Corrected nose wheel steering
- Barometer setting for the standby altimeter is now separate
- Fixed pitot heat switch not working
- Fixed rudder clipping into fuselage

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