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A310 disengage A/P and autothrottle


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After flying in AP / AT, and now I want complete manual control:

1. is there a correct sequence to disengage

2. how do I get rid of the alarms (red button on the yoke?)

3. when do these automatic controls override my manual control?


I am asking because the AT has back on unexpectedly and i can't get rid of it easily to regain manual control (some frantic pressing of A/T button off and on, turning speed dial, etc. somehow can do it eventually).  Yes, sometimes I am doing crazy stuff, especially on landing, but it is still nowhere close to stall speeds (170 knts) - there is something overriding me it seems.


Joystick VKB Gladiator with that left variable lever mapped to Backup Throttle (only way I can get it to simultaneously control both engines; else just using normal "throttle" only gets me control of 1 engine); also have the T-rudder in case that matters?

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I didn't understand this my first couple flights with the A300. If there are alarms in an airliner after you disengage AP, the most common solution is hit the disengage AP again. The AP is very nice in iniBuild products.

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15 hours ago, Max said:


You press the red disconnect button on the yoke to disengage the AP and silence the aural system completely, you're fully in control after the first click.


Thx - got the AP part, 2 clicks on red button, and works independently of A/T.


I think the problem is the alignment of the throttle dial with the engine speed at the time of disengage of A/T to give it full range.  This is an example screen shot - the joystick throttle dial is at 0 and the minimum engine speed is stuck at around 61% N1.  I can move up to higher engine speeds, but not lower than 61%. 

To work around it, I dialed the speed on MCP back to 100 knts with A/T engaged till engines idle to around 28% N1, and then move the joystick dial to 0, and then disengage A/T.  Then I have full range of engine speed.

Is there any other way I can do this physical dial position to engine speed sync before disengaging?  As a comparison, Toliss planes get around this with the detents (with audible clicks) and thus no problems with getting full range back.



A310_P - 2021-10-30 09.58.45.png

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Update - discovered that if I disengage A/T, and look at the levers and manually pull them back, I can have full range to throttle down.  Obviously hard to do when I am on final approach just about to land but that explains the problem. 

I have looked all over the joystick and keyboard bindings and there is no "pull throttle levers back" type of action.

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