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Development Update #17


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The team has been very hard at work in numerous areas of the business, and we are pleased to report on this in today's development update. 


As mentioned in last month's development update, this was timetabled for release in October. Our team on this is working very hard to make this a possibility, but release may bleed into early November. This is due to the resolution of some minor bugs in the Mac iteration of the application, and we want all customers to be able to access the iniManager from Day 1! Our apologies in advance, if a delay is indeed experienced.

Once the iniManager is out, our Beluga update will be rolled out. You can read more on the improvements, new cargo models and other features coming to the iniSimulations BelugaST Aircraft here.

iniSimulations A300V2: X-Plane

I am very pleased to finally provide some images of our flagship aircraft; the iniSimulations A300-600R(F) V2.

For those of you not familiar with this update I will summarize below:

The A300V2 is a completely free update for existing customers that provides numerous improvements but also new features to the product based on feedback and the new technologies we have implemented into the BelugaST and A310-300 ON THE LINE aircraft. 




These not only include an enhanced and improved 3D model, but the complete implementation of a comprehensive failures package, CPDLC/ACARS integration and autosave; the latter 3 being very welcomed features in our A310 aircraft. This is in addition to the numerous bug resolutions and improvements in various systems.


We have also enhanced certain areas such as the wingflex of the aircraft. Customers can also expect the new sounds first showcased in the A310 to come to the A300.



We also have implemented a complete 3D Freighter cabin along with a highly requested feature of loading and unloading of cargo. As you can see from the images the textures have been completely overhauled and as with all iniSimulations products there will be a wide
selection of liveries available on Day 1 of release from all sides of the spectrum; from super clean to dirty! 



We expect the release of this large and significant update before the end of the year. 

As mentioned earlier in this update this will be a free update even if you purchase the iniSimulations A300-600R(F) today. If you like what you see, you can purchase this aircraft here store.inibuilds.com as part of our Cross the Pond promotion sale which expires tomorrow! 

iniScene: EIKY (MSFS) & KSAT (MSFS & XP) Announcement!

Earlier this month we released our latest scenery piece: iniScene Kerry Airport - EIKY


Our high quality rendition for Microsoft Flight Simulator features a detailed terminal building complimented with a custom interior, accurate taxi signage, bespoke ground polys and textures along with much more to enhance your experience! You can see more info on this here.

In addition to this we very pleased to announce our next project: iniScene San Antonio Airport - KSAT for Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane.




This airport is highly work-in-progress but has made some significant progress in the past couple of weeks! We hope to update you more on this as development progresses.

iniSimulations A310-300 ON THE LINE for Microsoft Flight Simulator

We are super pleased at our progress in Microsoft Flight Simulator and the development in some key areas of the aircraft. As always these images are highly WIP and do not represent the final product.


Work on systems implementation, fonts, textures, sounds and flight modelling are in full steam and we hope to provide updates on each area in the coming months! 

Here are some more screenshots of some of the different operators of the aircraft!




We have some work to do on the exterior, but its looking great so far! 

Thank you for taking some time in reading this development update and if you have any questions please do ask us and we will be more than happy to respond! 

Have a great weekend 🙂

P.S If you are a developer (FS or XP) please do DM me as we are always hiring! 

Kind Regards

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Thanks for the update !!

If I can ask something on the MSFS texture work : Can you try to minimize the MSFS reflections on the wing and tail stabilizer to keep the look of the real aircraft as you did in XP ? Those wing and stabilizer textures look mat in real life and I guess MSFS tend to add some shiny reflections on textures by default...


Thanks a lot 🙂

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I have been waiting for these updates... Glad to hear they're coming. 👍 I have actually been flying solely the A310 since the A300 seems a bit dull compared to the A310 before the updates. 

Thank you for keeping us posted. 

Btw, is there a real time load for the cargo and fueling? 

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Just curious because I haven't seen anyone asking or answering this question, is there potential for an A310-200 expansion sometime in the future? Either way, I greatly anticipate the A310-300 in MSFS, as the A310 is by far my favorite small long haul jet.

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On 11/7/2021 at 8:47 PM, Noob21 said:

Just curious because I haven't seen anyone asking or answering this question, is there potential for an A310-200 expansion sometime in the future? Either way, I greatly anticipate the A310-300 in MSFS, as the A310 is by far my favorite small long haul jet.

It seems like they are updating the a300 to match the a310, including what they learned during dev of a310.

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Fantastic news! Will the A310 for MSFS incorporate a proper saving and loading a flight functionality (like autosave), that also includes the autopilo, fms and state? For training purposes and practicality this would be highly appreciated and is missing so far in MSFS add-ons.

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