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    This would be fantastic for V2.
  1. I have been waiting for these updates... Glad to hear they're coming. I have actually been flying solely the A310 since the A300 seems a bit dull compared to the A310 before the updates. Thank you for keeping us posted. Btw, is there a real time load for the cargo and fueling?
  2. When will the updates be applied to the A300? And what about the update center?
  3. I have the same issue; don't want to fly anything else. It'd be great if they'd start working on a new generation Airbus, let's say the A330-900 NEO.
  4. You people are awesome! And the best customer service I have ever experienced with any 3rd party developer. Superb quality in all fields! You will have my further purchases for sure.
  5. Thank you for your fantastic work for the X-Plane community and making flying fun again, not just watching automated systems run. I'm so glad I made the decision to purchase the A300. I have been having so many hours of fun and awe with that aircraft.
  6. Yes, why not… The new A330-900NEO version would be nice, since the A350 XWB is already on the market.
  7. I have gotten acquainted well with the systems in the A300-600. Now I'm waiting, what's new in the 310- version, and ofc. the increased hauling capacity. I'll be waiting... Btw; the A300-600 is by far the best addon in XP11 up to date.
  8. I would be curious also to know, when will the weather radar will be wholly implemented? At least I haven't got it to work and I use HiFi's Active Sky XP.
  9. This is a true beauty! The good part of it is that it is possible to fly over the pond. And I'm eager to see the system differences compared to the A300-600.
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