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Problem! dynamics lights off in Free scenery UKBB Kiev p3dv5


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Hello there,

I'm having trouble with the dynamic lights suggested on this site for the UKBB kiev free scenery. I must clarify that I did the installation as indicated in the instructions, I also installed the libraries suggested in Inbuilds for correct operation.

I recently read in a forum that the dynamic lighting system in p3d5 was completely reworked so these must be adapted.

Is it possible that they adapted the dynamic lights of this scenario for p3d5?

In advance I thank all contributors and members on this site for the work done.
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This dynamic lighting profile for the airport mentioned is compatible with Prepar3D v5 and v4.

As mentioned in the notes:

The above should resolve your issue, if not do let me know and I'll get it looked into by a member of the team.



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