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Development Update #16 - A big update!


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Hello everyone, 

I hope you are well! Its been a little over a month since our last update and we have a lot of things to discuss today so let's jump straight in! 

X-Plane 11&12 : A300V2 & Beluga 

What a month it has been! I know we are all super excited about X-Plane 12, and the awesome features that are coming to LR's latest simulator.

To address the obvious question... at this time we have no position / anything to comment regarding the new sim as we do not have access to the Beta builds! As soon as we do, we will let you know (when we can of course!). However the new features / improvements to our products won't stop... nor will there be disparity between two different versions of our products against the simulators (XP11 /XP12). That leads me nicely into showcasing the upcoming A300ST Beluga update! 

Over the past few months, based on customer feedback we have been working on providing more cargo options to this product! 

I attach some pictures of these below:





These four new cargo options will be coming in the next update along with the enhanced CPDLC features first showcased on the A310, and the experimental flight model auto enabled for the upmost convenient flying experience!

Work on our A300V2 is in full swing, and we have some fantastic things to showcase, in the next few weeks! A reminder (as I have seen some confusion on this), all the new features, and improvements are completely free in this V2 for our current customers. You can read some more on what is to come here: https://forum.inibuilds.com/topic/2566-inisimulations-a300-600rf-project-update-whats-coming/

These updates will come once the iniManager is released later this month! You can check out the trailer for our new tool here.

I have seen some confusion on this too so let me clarify:

We have spent the past few months innovating and investing in a brand-new all-in-one product management desktop app to complement our modern, unique store for our products the developers that we publish for.

The iniManager offers an easy, one-click install and updating system. The app installs all owned products, and intelligently updates products when a new version is pushed. Products can be updated without the need for action from the user utilising automatic updates or by manually updating the product. When an update is published, the iniManager won’t touch activation files, installed liveries or preference files, removing the need for reactivation.

The application directly links in with our online store, allowing users to login using their store accounts and immediately have access to all of their products, along with discovering new products.

The iniManager retains the current DRM (ex. SASL) processes in place for all products - the ultimate goal is simplify the installation and updating process for all iniBuilds Store products.


We are super grateful for the amazing response iniScene Queenstown (NZQN received). It was a fantastic project, and our first product made for Microsoft Flight Simulator from the ground up. For our X-Plane 11/12 customers, rest assured we will be releasing the XP version some point this year! 


Work on Beauvais (LFOB) and our other projects continue, and we hope to showcase something later this month for an international airport in the USA. 😉

Microsoft Flight Simulator 

I am very pleased to announce the iniSimulations A310-300 will be coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator. 

We have been in awe with the simulator, and are super excited with what the next few months have to bring.  I attach some highly WIP images of the aircraft! 






Work on the systems, flight modelling and 3D art are making fantastic progress and we felt it was an appropriate time to reveal the progress thus far. No timelines or release dates of course at this time. 


Our 'secret project airliner' is also making excellent progress, and if all goes to plan we should be showcasing her before the end of the year! 

An exciting time for us over at iniBuilds, and I hope our customers are as excited as us, and ready for the next few months! To speak to us in real time, join our Discord here - https://inib.uk/discord

All the best, and have a lovely weekend! 

Kind Regards,

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24 minutes ago, Ubaid said:

Our 'secret project airliner' is also making excellent progress, and if all goes to plan we should be showcasing her before the end of the year! 

I hope it is a DC10-30 Passenger!! We shall see what Inbuilds brings but i am sure it will be good whatever it is.

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15 minutes ago, CeeDee91 said:

Are there any plans for a Honeywell Primus Epic Suit in the future? Now that UPS got their first aircraft

Nobody need this crap. We fly like real man... 😀🙂

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Incredible news about the A310 coming to MSFS. I do hope this will mean the superb A300 will be joining it at some point as well. Very happy with this news today, actually just signed up for a forum account to say thank you. Will be an instant purchase for me.

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Excellent news all round....going to be hard to look past MSFS with the A310, Fenix and PMDG offerings on the way! 

Will we be able to opt out of using the iniManager, however? Not over the moon at the thought of being forced to install additional pieces of software, simply to use products, in the style of the ORBX offering.

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Okay, i‘ll try that again! 🙂 (@moderators, feel free to delete my empty post above)


Looks & sounds really promising!

1 hour ago, Ubaid said:

Our 'secret project airliner' is also making excellent progress, and if all goes to plan we should be showcasing her before the end of the year! 

I really hope it’s going to be a Fokker 70/100!! 🙂 Some Systems & especially the CDU are very similar, additionally i think the community is in need of a well made Fokker Jet! 🙂


looking forward,


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