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Origami Studios Gatwick (EGKK) v1.3 Released


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Origami Studios has released v1.3 of London Gatwick (EGKK) for X-Plane 11. A changelog is available below.

This update can be downloaded via your iniBuilds Store account: store.inibuilds.com/account



- New generated shadow maps for north and south terminal. So there is more "depth" particularly in areas under cover

- Re-touched the concrete textures. Now have a edge dirt/roughness as well as an additional dirt layer on top to try and break up repetitive textures

- Concrete normal's adjusted to not look quite as thick

- Runway textures reworked. Now has tar lines, resurfacing details, new asphalt.

- Centre line markings draw order adjusted so they are more prominent

- Edited ortho to remove brown soil running down Zulu

- Added water bodies

- Replaced pedestrian markings

- New tar/dirt markings on aprons

- Gatwick Hill along North Terminal modelled

- Gatwick mound along 08R modelled

- New vehicle assets

- Added taxiway crossing lights for vehicles

- Added entrance structure for North Terminal

- 08L/26R touchdown zone now solid bars instead of piano bars

- Added Beehive

- Added Brookhouse

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