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  1. Glad you're enjoying it. Still not eta on updates atm. Apologies. Would suggest having a bound axis for prop.
  2. Glad you like it. More to come in future
  3. Origami Studios has released v1.3 of London Gatwick (EGKK) for X-Plane 11. A changelog is available below.This update can be downloaded via your iniBuilds Store account: store.inibuilds.com/account v1.3 - New generated shadow maps for north and south terminal. So there is more "depth" particularly in areas under cover - Re-touched the concrete textures. Now have a edge dirt/roughness as well as an additional dirt layer on top to try and break up repetitive textures - Concrete normal's adjusted to not look quite as thick - Runway textures reworked. Now has tar lines, resurfacing details, new asphalt. - Centre line markings draw order adjusted so they are more prominent - Edited ortho to remove brown soil running down Zulu - Added water bodies - Replaced pedestrian markings - New tar/dirt markings on aprons - Gatwick Hill along North Terminal modelled - Gatwick mound along 08R modelled - New vehicle assets - Added taxiway crossing lights for vehicles - Added entrance structure for North Terminal - 08L/26R touchdown zone now solid bars instead of piano bars - Added Beehive - Added Brookhouse
  4. It's still a static solution. So those on the marketplace would not get this option at all, and if you're flying online... but have the wrong bgl running... then you have a problem.
  5. Adding to that, selecting which runway gets used... isn't really down to any sim varible e.g. wind. The alternate gets used in only a few situations - (IRL) Maintenance and practice for the controller - (IRL) Incidents or closure of the main runway - (Sim) For funsies
  6. I'll keep a note of it! Cheers.
  7. I'm 99% sure it doesn't. Just stuck on a permanent config
  8. So the MSFS version, at the moment I'm afraid not. Both runways are actively defined (yes we are very much aware of the reality, and the decision to do this was intentional). Since we have no way of defining which runway is active at a given moment, we had a choice to make. Either remove 8L/26R and isolate people who wanted to practice those approaches or who fly online. Or have them both on. If we see a piece of tech to resolve this... or see an overwhelming majority to disable it, we will certainly take a look. But for the time being, the configuration is in stone.
  9. There isn't static aircraft in the scenery package. Either you have parked aircraft turned on, or you have a scenery package overlaying ontop of Gatwick!
  10. Not sure how to answer that one . Be within a 10m distance of the end of the jetty. Gatwick is super awkward in that parking positions often vary depending on the size of your aircraft.
  11. Hi Faisal, - Please refer to this regarding missing jetways in SU5 https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/to-those-of-you-with-missing-custom-jetways/432578 - Jetways should be able to dock via the radio popout panel. You have to be within range.
  12. Another episode in "What in the world where you doing X-Plane?"
  13. It's not something I'm aware of. Most likely Laminar's AI system going bonkers (vehicles are not allowed to deviate the path unless there is a destination/parking spot within a certain area off its path.) I can take a look but my concern here is that Laminar will have responsibility on it. Send pictures, including where they deviate from, and the direction they head to.
  14. Sorry I didn't pick up your earlier messages sooner. But happy to see its cleared up
  15. Hi Dean, A few things to try here. 1. Try running Gatwick at a lower texture resolution setting Reason : Any recent changes to your X-Plane setup may push the limitations of your hardware (RTX 2060) 2. Try re-downloading and re-installing Gatwick Reason : I see one potential line that could suggest perhaps a corrupted texture 3. Try deleting the groundtraffic plugin from the scenery plugins folder Reason : Seeing a few signs in the log that might point to a plugins failure when running on Vulkan
  16. Origami Studios is proud to present our first freeware scenery: Barra Airport for X-Plane. Are you ready to take on Barra? Located at the northern tip of the Island of Barra, Scotland. This airport is unique for being the only airport in the world with scheduled flights to land at a tidal beach. Whether you're just shuttling island residents, delivering cargo, or visiting for tourism, Barra is nothing short of spectacular views. Origami has lovingly recreated this airport for FREE exclusively for X-Plane owners. With various features including - 4K PBR textures - Extremely high-fidelity modelling - Custom 3D terrain around the shoreline - Terminal with near full interior - Colour corrected grass for Orbx True-earth North (Mandatory requirement) - Custom water/sand markings with visual cues to aid sim-pilots Barra will be arriving this summer. Check out www.origamistudios.co.uk for more information!
  17. That is...errr... very blue Is that some photoshop I see?
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Delta_Who Liveries | Felis 747-200 - Qantas | VH-EBL
  19. Version 1.0.0


    An ex-Olympic aircraft painted as part of an ASDA commercial.
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