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Luton EGGW, causing black avionics/CTD with A320Nv2


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I have recently bought Luton for MSFS on Xbox and love the scenery, however upon trying to load it with the A320Nv2 I either have fully blackened avionics or suffer a crash. I first tried this with the included easy jet livery and then with the others but they all produced the same result. I have attempted all the generic memory saving tips typically used for the Xbox platform but it still doesn’t work. It does however work with the PMDG 737-800/600 as well as the ATR 42-72, A300-600(all variants) and A310 (although all the aircraft do suffer with some stutters around the build up hanger area surrounding Ramp 1 to 9). Therefore I’m just wondering if there is any way in which to reduce the memory usage of the airport (even with a cost to quality) or the A320 as it would be great to be able to fly Easy Jet flights to the airport.

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Hi @MattyHed

Both Luton and A320neoV2 on Xbox are already optimised for memory as far as practicable, whilst maintaining a good balance with quality.

MS/Asobo are working on GDK update that would bring more memory headroom to Xbox users in a future update, but in the meanwhile perhaps you may be interested in a product like "Taboo" by Parallel42, which is marketed as providing better flexibility for Xbox users in this situation.

I cannot attest to the effectiveness of that product, it is by no means a recommended solution, but am merely making the suggestion based on your request and the marketing information I have seen so far.


Vrishabh Sehgal @Richboy2307 )
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