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Missing TOD arrow during descent


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Could someone please help me with an issue on the new A320neo (v2). 

I can't seem to get the descent arrow to appear as I want to plan descent. The MCDU is set according to the iniBuilds manual. I have entered necessary performance data and weight, ZFW, block into FMGS based on EFB. In the flight plan, I do see (T/C) and DECEL points but no down arrow. NAV appears on FMA and if I push managed altitude, the speed drastically falls and targets 120 while green donut stays aligned...

EFOB message on MCDU.

Note: Xbox Series S, no add ons, console power-cycle performed, reduced traffic in setting done, memory space is managed.



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Hi @achelous, from your screenshot I can see on the right side MCDU that you have activated APPROACH mode on the PERF page?
That is why if you look on the bottom left of your PFD, you'll see the '121' in pink, as the AutoThrhust is targeting the landing speed (which is 121 in this case).

You do not need press "ACTIVATE APPR PHASE", normally it will reach that mode automatically closer to your destination.

Vrishabh Sehgal @Richboy2307 )
Community Team Member & Tester
IniBuilds Ltd. | inibuilds.com

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