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Runway entry and exits


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I am using FSHUD and FLSTL and for the most part the scenery behaves correctly when using AI traffic.  But there are a few issues I am seeing.

1)  When AI traffic enter the 22R runway they enter at taxiway G and backtrack to the runway lettering and uturn to take off.  I am not sure why they would be entering here unless it was small GA plane.  Regular commercial aircraft take off by C or YA maybe. 

2) it seems that when crossing runway 22R and taking off 31R the trigger to let the MSFS know the planes is off 22R is not working.  The strobe lights are still on and it locks the runway so other aircraft cant cross until it takes off on 31R.  

3) When taking off from 4L its not recognizing when the plane crosses and leaves 31L.  It thinks the plane is still on 31L until it takes off from 4L. Many planes are waiting at K to cross 31L until the previous plane takes off.  This causes issues with the flow of traffic.  This is the same trigger issue and #2.  

Love the scenery and I know this is specific to this scenery as KLAX doesn't have this issue.

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