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Steer Wheel

Geoffrey Hargreaves

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I’m an Xbox Series X user and I own all the additions of MSFS 2020. I have a massive issue with trying to steer the A320 Neo V2 on the ground,I’ve tried it with the steer wheel on & off. Is this a bug or am I missing something. The aircraft its self is fantastic, hopefully I will eventually be able to get a full flight. Also can i ask about the simbrief, I’m currently on the free version of the app but this doesn’t work on this aircraft, but it does on other aircraft in the sim.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Geoff Hargreaves

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Hi @Geoffrey Hargreaves

You need to use the rudder axis to steer, and before that ensure you have ``RUDDER CONTROLS TILLER`` option enabled on the EFB. Additionally, the A320neo uses the new ground-handling as introduced in SU15, meaning for tighter turns you need to go slower (~10kts or less) or else the inertia of the plane will cause the wheels to skid and reduce turning ability.

As for Simbrief, you need to enter your Simbrief Pilot ID (Numbers only) on the EFB (Options Page) & MCDU (MCDU Menu > ATSU > Pilot ID). For Xbox, ensure you have enabled the ``ON SCREEN KEYBOARD`` from the EFB options, and use that to fill in the ID on the EFB. If you use the 'Xbox Overlay Keyboard", it may not accept the value entered, even if it shows on screen.



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