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OMDB - Static Aircrafts

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yesterday I tried to buy OMDB Airport by iniBuild Manager, but I got an error message several times.

Finally I bought the OMDB Airport iniBuild scenery via MSFS Marketplace. Unfortunately there are a lot of static Aircrafts on the Dubai Airport ground, which

are disturbing during online traffic by our flight sessions in our club.

The best solution seems to me to transfer my OMDB Airport from the Marketplace to ini(Build)Manager, but...

I've to send a screenshot of my Marketplace deal that I'm owner of OMDB and it should  show my name in th upper right corner.

But my XBox name is a pseudonym and my name I signed in iniBuild manager is my full real name and I'm afraid that it wouldn't be accepted by iniBuild for

safety reasons because the difference of the two names (but in the background it's my comparable identity.

Please, could you help me or show a way to delete the static aircrafts by another way.


Best regards



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Hi @Skycowboy

You could reach out to support (or reply to the email) with other means of proving proof of purchase/identity.

As for making changes manually, I'm not sure if the marketplace version will encrypt these files (usually not), but you could manually disable the statics .bgl file. You will find it in the 'Official' packages folder under ``inibuilds-airport-omdb-dubai`` folder. 

Rename the ``omdb-scene-statics.bgl`` to something like ``omdb-scene-statics.disabled``, then update your layout.json file (please keep a backup of the original before making changes).



Vrishabh Sehgal @Richboy2307 )
Community Team Member & Tester
IniBuilds Ltd. | inibuilds.com

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