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A300 Performance Data vs Fenix A320


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Hello, ini!  I'd like to start this post by saying I'm not bashing and I truly hope this data can help in some way.  I know that performance has come up in many different threads, but I wanted to provide solid examples and data points in the hope that they help.  The test conditions were the A300RF and Fenix A320 at KATL runway 27R with clear skies and no traffic to remove as much skew as possible in testing.  The test was a short sit in the cockpit to ensure I was ready for the takeoff, then a takeoff roll, followed by rotation, and climb to approximately 3000 agl.  I compared it against the Fenix A320 because outside the ini lineup (ini A320, ini A310, and ini A300) the Fenix A320 is the hardest-hitting performance-wise.  I gathered this data using FPSVR which is a great tool that allows exporting of all the performance-related data from VR play.  The specs and VR headset for my computer and setup are below as well.

My overall impression is that on the ground it is stuttery and not a pleasant VR experience at all.  I love the systems, modeling, and hand feel that the A300 has, and the performance has been the only thing that has kept it in the hanger when I'd love to be flying the plane.  In the attached frametime excel files, I did some conditional formatting to highlight where the performance dipped, but more importantly when CPU or GPU frametimes dipped.  The goal for me in my VR experience is to stay under 25ms with CPU and GPU frametimes as that will net me 40 fps.  40fps allows me to use Motion Reprojection to achieve 80 fps to the eyes and the overall experience is nice while flying airliners.  

CPU frametime is the culprit to my eyes at the moment.  It is a repetitive and dependable spike in CPU frametime every 5ish seconds that causes the domino effect and terrible performance.  The spikes become more prominent and dependable when the aircraft is rolling which is also kind of odd, and those are rows ~1500 through ~2800 in the spreadsheet. The A300 spent ~11% of my short playtime above 25ms CPU frametime which was certainly the cause of the stutters and drop in performance.  The crazy thing is once the aircraft is off the ground, the massive CPU frametimes spikes smooth out as evidenced by the last 1000 or so rows which was the climb.  All aircraft do have certain spikes of course, and that will be seen in the Fenix spreadsheet, but the ini lineup is where I see these very dependable spikes.  The averages don't do justice to the truth which is why I'm hoping the frametime spikes shown will help.  Hopefully, this helps narrow the field in some way, but please let me know if you need any follow up information.  I do want to see the performance improve so I can enjoy these great aircraft!

  • ini A300RF
      FPS   GPU frame    CPU       frame
Average 35.09  14.18 15.82
1% Low 27.3 19.5 35.7
.01% Low 26 22.8


11% of time lower than 25ms cpu


  • Fenix A320 CFM
      FPS   GPU frame    CPU frame
Average 39.14 18.53 12.90
1% Low 28.4 22.9 25
.01% Low 27.3 26.7 38.7
1% of time lower than 25ms cpu


VR using Valve Index running SteamVR


RTX 4080 GPU

32gb 6000Mhz RAM



PS:  Sorry for such a long post, but feel free to allow me to beta test these numbers on that A350 which is my favorite airliner haha 😅

Frametimes_iniA300RF_KATL_clear.xlsx Frametimes_FenixA320_KATL_clear.xlsx

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Hi @Shanks16

Thanks for the data. We do have performance metrics internally as well, which we gather from tests across different tiers of systems as part of the optimization process but never hurts to have have more data for analysis. Shared with the team.

Also would appreciate if you could run the same test on the upcoming A300 update once it is available. There are some performance and stability improvements coming in that, so would be curious to see the difference on your system compared to the current data.


Vrishabh Sehgal @Richboy2307 )
Community Team Member & Tester
IniBuilds Ltd. | inibuilds.com

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Thanks @richboy2307  It's nice to hear about the upcoming update with the performance improvements!  I'll be eager and glad to retest.  🤞 that I'll have excellent results to share with the update as well.  It's tough to balance the VR performance/quality in MSFS with how demanding the sim is on one single core of the CPU, and sometimes it doesn't even appear that any core is throttled at 100%.  Sometimes it's maddening 🤣

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