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ATC does not seem to work most times, and others just stops working


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Hi. I am using MSFS2020-SU15 on my PC.

Have been trying the new 320 Neo v2, and am having some issues with the ATC radio.

I have switched the radio on, and volume up.

Sometimes I can hear ATC, other times not. Also, when I am able to hear, it suddenly stops, and I only see the text but no voice.

Also, selecting the ATC frequencies (Clearance, Tower, ATIS) from the ATC popup do not work.

Is there something I could be doing wrong.

I would be most pleased for assistance on this, and if it is an issue with the aircraft please let me know.

Thanks /./ Jay

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I just figured this out... not only do you have to hit the VHF1 call button, then turn the volume up, but you ALSO have to unmute the volume dial by clicking it. It will highlight blue when unmuted. The dialog will say Mute/Unmute On which is a little misleading. Then you should be able to hear ATC respond audibly.

Hope that helps!


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