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CTD on startup

Patrick C.

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It‘s been a long time I did not use the a310. Today I wanted to select it. 3 attempts all CTD on loading the flight. I know it can happen with the a310 and a300 but normaly only once and then it works. 
I could not use the a310 today. Any suggestions?

Kind Regards

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Hi, are you still facing this issue as of SU 15 public release?

We have not been able to successfully reproduce crash-on-load on either A310 or A300 reliably internally or through our beta testers till date so I'd recommend the following:

What can you do? Troubleshooting such as :

  • Do a flight without any other addons, or third party A310 liveries in your community folder, to see if there are other addon conflicts. (Simply rename existing 'Community' folder temporarily e.g. '_Community', sim will create a new empty one on next launch. After done testing, delete new Community folder and rename the old one back to 'Community')
  • Delete the contents of your "work" folder after a fresh re-install to ensure no corrupted data

    %APPDATA%\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\microsoft-aircraft-a310-300

    MS Store:

  • Make these flights in default "White" or "Inibuilds House" liveries to eliminate any "bad" livery files causing conflict


And when you do encounter the issue, report with:

  • Screenshots/Videos of the failed systems or anomalies you notice
  • Write-up of the things you did just prior to the crash (e.g. what you clicked, what you interacted with, what control inputs you gave etc)
  • Route information & navdata used (E.g. Navigraph data -  KLAX/24R LADYJ4 CSTRO DCT DUCKE DCT LMT DCT MOXEE TMBRS2 KPDX/28L )
  • Any extra things you noticed just before to the crash (e.g. momentary sim-freeze, abrupt winds change, sudden weather update etc.)

All this allows us to try and recreate your flight to see if we face the same issues or find common conditions across reports to try and nail the issue.
Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.


Vrishabh Sehgal @Richboy2307 )
IniBuilds Community Team Member & Tester

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