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a300 PW starts in sim with slide door 1L deployed


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Every time i use the PW a300 pax the slide is deployed at door 1L. When i try to retract or clear it nothing happens.....

Maybe i do something wrong or i just forget something?

Is there anyone who has a fix for it?

I have the latest sim and plane update....i`m on pc

Thanks in advance

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Hi @mrmike1979 
You can go to the EFB and disable the automatic door arming features.  (Settings > Real Door Arming - OFF)

Also once deployed, you can reset it via the maintenance menu ( EFB > Aircraft Maintenance > Reset Slides)

If none of those work, you can also try to delete the contents of this folder. Next time you restart the sim and load into the A300 it will recompile the WASM module, just in case it was not properly compiled on initial load.

%APPDATA%\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\inibuilds-aircraft-a300-600

MS Store:


Vrishabh Sehgal @Richboy2307 )
Community Team Member & Tester
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