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can we expect a sim rate increase support for the A300?


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Dear Inibuilds, i have been flying recently with the A300 and i must say the aircraft is very stable at the moment with all the recent updates you guys have released recently.

Many thanks for that great support. There is a point that i wish it would come and is the support for increasing the sim rate. I this something we can expect in the future?


Thanks for your feedback 🙂 

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Would be very interested in this too. 

For the a300 which is supposed to be capable of long haul flights...I would think this type of feature would be higher on the list for iniBuilds, and also a feature worth investing in given that a well-built simrate function could be reused across aircraft. 

fenix supports this by adding a FMS menu option to do 2X (they dont currently support beyond 2X sim speed). 

I assume behind the scenes, the FMS sim speed allows the fenix to interpolate fuel consumption and other "consumables" where relevant. 

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