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Some bugs


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I'd like to report some bugs I have found in INI A310 (free version from marketplace).

-First of all it seems like FMS speed override funtion is not working at all. When I am in profile mode and I press speed knob to enter FMS speed override the white light near the knob lights up and I am able to dial in the speed. The problem is that when I dial in the speed the autothrottle is still using the FMS speed and not the manually entered one.

-Fuel pumps seems to be running on DC, not sure about A310, but in most aircraft fuel pumps run on AC (except APU fuel pump). I think that fuel pumps should be running on AC and do not increase TRU load when turned ON.

-PFD/ND xfer switch seems to be not working.

EGPWS terrain display on ND also seems to be not working for some reason.

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Checked the FCOM. Seems like all fuel pumps (even the APU startup pump that runs through inverter when aircraft is on battery power) should be running from AC busses, only the contactors are meant to be powered from the DC bus. Seems like each pump consumes couple of amps from the TRUs, which is way too much for just a contactor (that should consume less than a single ampere).


Another issue is with batteries. Even if I switch some batteries OFF they are still getting charged or discharged.

Steps to reproduce the issue (to verify the battery disconnection bug):
-Start aircraft in cold and dark state
-Turn on only battery 2 and 3, do not turn on battery 1, also remember to do not turn on battery override switch
-Switch the DC ammeter and voltmeter selector switch to battery 1 (to monitor battery 1 voltage and current)
-Try starting the APU
-When starter motor runs notice that battery 1 ammeter shows discharge current, even when battery 1 is isolated from the bus (OFF light on the button).

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Thanks for the feedback, i'll pass it on to the team!

As for the Terrain Radar on ND however, that is not simulated for the time being as the default sim terrain radar has significant performance issues.

Vrishabh Sehgal @Richboy2307 )
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