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A300-600R Unable to import Simbrief

Kurt Barth

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Once I have powered up the aircraft, I have selected "My Flight" on the EFB, and when clicking "Import from Simbrief", I get the response "Error:Unknown User ID".

I have input my Simbrief user number in Settings, and am wondering why it is not recognising it, and not allowing my flight plan to be imported.

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When I click the EFB button "import from Simbrief", I got systematically the error message "Aircraft ICAO code incorrect"-A20N"

My flightplan is done with the following data


What is wrong.

Thanks for support.

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Hi @echopapa

Had you dispatched an A320neo flight before this? Coz it seems it was still trying to pull an old/previous OFP you may have dispatched for the A20N. This may be due to server issues. 

Alternatively, you should also verify the type in your dispatched OFP in the 'ATC Flight Plan' section. If that is showing as A306, then I recommend you erase your Simbrief ID on the EFB, then re-enter to try again.



Vrishabh Sehgal @Richboy2307 )
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