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Wind sound relative to IAS not MACH


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With the latest build there seems to be a change in what depicts the volume of the wind sound. Before it was fine when coupled to the MACH number, but now it seems to be coupled with IAS, wich is wrong to me at least. Climbing higher on MACH as a source for speed control the IAS gets lower, wich in turn makes the wind sound get lower, when IRL it should stay the same.

Maybe this can be fixed?

Otherwise sounds are very nice!

Best wishes, Wolfgang

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Hi Wolfgang @flykorni,

Thanks for your post. According to Tom, our sound engineer, the wind sound is tied to TAS primarily, but is also modulated by so many other variables. This particular aspect of the sounds has not been changed since release.

However if you have any specific video evidence of what you're noticing, and where you think the problem lies, I'd be happy to share that with him for further investigation. 


Vrishabh Sehgal @Richboy2307 )
Community Team Member & Tester
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Hi! After weeks of being off the A300 I just had a nice flight without the aforementioned issue. Don't know why, but the problem is no more, which is fine.

Thx for your support!

LG Wolfgang

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