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It´s good to know that we " will notice various changes in the product and that has come from some feedback from IRL A300-600R airliner pilots from different operators around the world." but shouldn´t you have consulted those guys in the first place? It´s V 1.1.0. and the changelog reads like an early access product...If i had a dollar for every "reported, thanks"...well, you do the math...

I understand that people with real world XP on this type are not easily to come by... but how is this "the ultimate classic airliner expereience"?



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Thanks for your post.

People with real world experience on the type are consulted throughout the development process. Naturally, as the product matures and the userbase expands, so does the product's exposure to even more individuals with varying real-world experience on the type to those initially consulted. The feedback naturally also evolves into more specific items and we continue to improve the product on the basis of this feedback.

We're sorry if improving this product and taking action on user bug reports has brought any inconvenience to you.

Vrishabh Sehgal @Richboy2307 )
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