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Sudden failure of the avionics


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This is the third time in a row that either the engines have failed during the flight or the entire avionics system is no longer controllable. Not a single button in the cockpit works and my only option is to abort the flight. This has happened to me with the GE and the PW variant. The last time it happened, I wanted to edit the navigation points in the MCDU.

Conclusion: The aircraft is currently unfit to fly for me. Very annoying.

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Perhaps I have not made myself clear. The electrical systems are all switched on, but the entire avionics control system does not respond to any input. No matter which button you press or turn, no reaction. The same in the MCDU. No reaction, no matter which button you press.





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Hi thanks for your report. 

We're looking into these soft-WASM module crashes which cause the plane to become unresponsive.

In the meanwhile could you also provide:

- Nav data source? (Navigraph or default)
- Sim version? (SU15 Beta or SU14)

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Vrishabh Sehgal @Richboy2307 )
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I have had the same issue! Mine is whenever i either load the flight plan or load the weight for my flight, my whole plane freezes but sim is running. I cant click any buttons and the left mcdu goes black screen. I have been unable to fly it at all and super frustrating. 

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