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EFB Performance: True vs. Magnetic


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Could I confirm that the EFB performance pages use magnetic heading for the runway and true for the METAR?

For Cape Town (magnetic variation 26 degrees West) I noticed that the true wind from the METAR is inserted into the performance page when syncing:


But the runway heading is magnetic:



If the EFB were comparing apples with apples, it would need to use 156/17 magnetic for the wind, or is the variation taken care of in the background?


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Please allow me to bump this topic:

Magnetic variation in FACT is 26°W. Syncing the EFB T/O performance loads the magnetic runway heading and the true wind from the METAR.

Is the discrepancy dealt with by the EFB, or should I be adding variation to the WIND field? All academic I suppose, but having the variation applied automatically would be cool.

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Thanks for your question. I've shared with the team for a more detailed response of what the EFB is doing.

But meanwhile, yes ideally all bearings used should be same (both Magnetic or both True) when making calculations. So you could make the adjustment by entering TRUE bearing for the runway,  or by adjusting the reported True METAR wind bearing by MAGVAR.


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