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Installation issues / "not installed" / scnery does not show up


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Hello, I'm picking up this topic:

I had the same issue.

After installing KJFK using the ini-manager the scenery did not show up in MSFS. Also reinstalling it did not solve the issue.

The content manager shows KJFK as "not installed".

So I analysed the layout.json of the installation and found the following corruptions:

- the layout.json does not contain any linebreak in difference to all other scenerie's layout.json.

- an entry for ContentInfo/inibuilds-airport-kjfk-newyork/ContentHistory.json is missing.


The layoutGenerator in the linked topic does a repair - a manual repair is also possible.


Probably the installation process has a bug creating the layout.json file or the file is already corrupt before beeing packed inside the installation package..


Kind regards


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I have already performed all steps (except 2, which is not an issue).

My actual problem after having cleaned the layout.json with the LayoutGenerator, then step 4, is, that after clicking "fly" for loading a flight from KJFK MSFS freezes after having loaded about 75% of the flight.


Will try it again today....

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