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[v3.1.0] Nool Aero VDGS not working


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Hello iniBuilds, since the latest version of EGLL the VDGS is not working. I checked the folder and the sim.cfg configuration file is there, but a manual scan of Nool does not add the VDGS to the library of Nool, thus VDGS is not working. Can you please look into this. There is also a topic about this on Avsim:


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  • Erik changed the title to [v3.1.0] Nool Aero VDGS not working

I was able to make it work by:

1.) deactivating inibuilds-airport-egll-heathrow in Community folder

2.) removing the dashes in the folder name "noolaero-vdgs-egll" from inibuilds-airport-egll-heathrow\SimObjects\Landmarks\ - making it instead "noolaero vdgs egll".

3.) making a backup of "layout.json" from folder inibuilds-airport-egll-heathrow

4.) generating an updated layout.json by drag-and-drop layout.json on MSFSLayoutGenerator.exe

5.) reactivating inibuilds-airport-egll-heathrow in Community folder

After the above the EGLL VDGS assets are correctly scanned by nool-aero and work properly in the EGLL scenery. IF nool-aero scan is NOT set to run automatically on start of MSFS you'll need to manually scan using "Rescan devices" located in Community\noolaero-module-vdgs

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