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A320neo Takeoff physics

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Hello, I recently made a flight from EDDF to LEPA with 15T of fuel, which is calculated. When I took of, I realized that I couldn’t rotate at my calculated VR speed. I had to rotate my stick full to the back to get off the ground but even then it took long (3sec) to rotate . Here’s an example with only 7T of Fuel

I hope you can fix this problem!


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I found that if you hit the soft key beside weight/cg it takes the wrong cg from the EFB. It should use zfwcg but instead uses gwcg 


also the takeoff calculator is wrong, often giving relatively high speeds as well as a v1 = vr. I left Gibraltar earlier and had to use an online calculator as the EFB told me the runway was too short. Online gave me a v1 of 106kts and vr of 134kts on flaps 2 which worked aside from the usual issue that the aircraft doesn’t want to lift off the ground for some reason


on the subject of flaps 2 takeoff, I entered 2/1.1up onto the MCDU but the checklist went green when I got to 1+F flaps. Surely it should have stayed blue until I selected 2 to match the MCDU?

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