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Simbrief profile for A30F


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9 hours ago, LukeFF said:

In the passenger section for the A30F on Simbrief, the options are Auto, None, and Full (0). Why does that last option say Zero for a full load?

I suspect because in the freighter version (A30F), you're carrying boxes and not passengers?

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23 hours ago, LukeFF said:

Yes, but there are jumpseats that can be filled.

Sure, if you want to add some supernumeraries, just create a custom airframe in simbrief based on the A30F and increase the maximum passengers to the number of jumpseats you want to fill.

Generally those seats are only filled by relief crew, cargo handlers, or other company employees, and probably won't make a huge difference in your weight and balance calculations. I don't think the Freighter EFB accounts for "passengers" at all.

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