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ADF not working from cold and dark


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Hi, have an issue where the ADF will not pick up a station if I load in cold and dark.  Neither manually starting the aircraft from cold and dark, or using the EFB to jump to the start state produces a working ADF. 

However, if I load in at the end of the runway already started, then I am able to pickup NDB stations.

Just wondering if this is a bug or maybe even just something that's effecting only me?  It would be nice to think there's an ADF circuit breaker popped somewhere and all I have to do is go reset it, but I know that's not the case 🙂



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Well, a little more troubleshooting has determined that the ADF in the A310 seems to be dependent on the Asobo Avionics Master Switch.  I suspect loading fully started at the end of the runway has the Avionic Master already switched on, which is why the ADF is functional this way.  And Loading cold and dark does not, so ADF needles do not move.

When I do a cold and dark start and turn on the Avionics Master on with the ALT - \ key binding, my ADF does miraculously start to work, so at least I have a work around.

I'm curious if this effects everybody but am I the only weirdo in the world that likes to shoot NDB approaches with this air plane, and so no one else has noticed? 

Or is there something strange going on with my setup that's causing this behavior for just me?

Would somebody be able to confirm this on their setup.  Someone from inbuilds perhaps? 



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On 2/20/2024 at 9:09 AM, BottleCap said:


What's up with these forums?  Does anybody monitor them?  Are they dead?  Is there a better place to ask these types of questions?

This was a simple question and would only take a few minutes for someone to verify. 

I was really considering purchasing the A300 but seems like support is non existent for these products.  What a pity.  I will invest in the PMDG 737-800 instead and wait for TFDi's MD-11 to scratch my retro airliner itch.


On 2/20/2024 at 9:09 AM, BottleCap said:



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Excellent!  Thank you for your response and for confirming this for me. It's good to know it's not something I've misconfigured locally.

Sorry to bombard you with a bunch of new questions, but I've come across a few more issues while working in this plane and would like to get your insight.

1.  When programing a HOLD on the F-PLN LATERAL REVISION page, I can enter an "INB CRS", but it will not save the exact course I've input. .  The saved course is usually out by 15-20 deg, sometimes more.  Is this a known bug?  Is the A300 afflicted with the same thing?

2.  In the F-PLN LATERAL REVISION page there should be an option to program a procedure turn (PROC T > LSK 3R) similar to the way you can program a hold "HOLD > LSK 2R".  Perhaps this feature is simply not modeled in the A310?  Is it modeled in the A300?

3. The FPV does not seem to work.  Selecting FPV on the FCU doesn't produce the FPV marker on the PFD. Perhaps this system not modeled in the A310 either?  Is it modeled in the A300?

4. The REV and REV UNLK light do not come on during the annunciator test as I believe they should.  It's a minor issue, I know, but thought I would mention it.  The lights do work during engine reverse operations, which is the important thing. 

5.  According to the real world FCOM. the fuel levers should have red "FIRE" warning lights in them (similar to A320 levers). The lights should come on during annunciator test, engine fire loop tests, and in the event of an actual engine fire.  Perhaps this is also not modeled in the A310?  Is it modeled in the A300?

6.  Once the descent altitude is set on the FCU and P.DES is armed for top of decent, LSK 1R can be used to initiate an immediate descent (IMM DES > LSK 1R).  However on the A310, LSK 2R-6R all trigger an immediate descent.  I believe this is not accurate as these LSK's should still get you to the VERTICAL REVISION page for any upcoming waypoints.  I would note that once the decent has actually started you can use LSK 2R-6R again to access VERTICAL REVISOIN.  Is this a known bug?  Does the A300 also work the this way?

7.  ILS glideslope capture is unreliable for me.  About 50% of the time the plane will fly through the glideslope and not descend.  I can confirm that LOC is green and that GS changes from blue to green, yet the plan still does not descend.  I've tried various things to see if I can pin down why, but have not found a reason.  It seems most reliable at platform altitude, flaps 3, gear up, speed = Vapp + 20.  But even this does is not guarantee descent.  Is there an issue with ILS glideslope logic?  Or maybe I'm doing something wrong or missing a step?  Is the GS capture logic on the A300 any better?

A lot of questions here I know, and again, sorry to bombard you all at once.  The A310 is one of he most unique experiences in MSFS and a lot of fun when things go well. 

Thank you for your time.

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