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A310, your help needed: strange graphic stripes on the outside of the plane


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What you can observe in the attached picture is happening starting from yesterday, with A310 only (no problems with other planes) and nothing changed in the simulator. The green stripes appear with engines ON only, and disappear with them stopped. They are visible during the whole flight.
Already tried to completely close the sim and restart, with no results.

Sim installed on xbox series x
Might you help me, please?

Thanks a lot.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024-02-20 12-59-55.png

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45 minutes ago, Azlog said:

Go into assistance settings and change it to be "True to Life". Or look for an option called airflow visualisation and turn it off

Might be the second option, as I have all to "realistic" (or something like that).
Thank you!

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Issue solved by turning OFF the airflow visualization.
It remains to be understood why I had to change a general option when the problem occurs on a specific aircraft, and why with that option set to ON everything was fine until two days ago

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