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A300 AP randomly disconnecting during Flight


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So ive been flying the A300 without issue for a while now. Flying from KSDF to KLAS today and every 20mins or so the AP1 randomly disconnects for no reason, ive double checked all switches and cant seem to find the issue. Anybody else having this problem? Worked fine yesterday

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"Worked fine yesterday" is not a troubleshooting starting point. 

Recheck ALL of your in sim bindings.  Search each profile (keyboard, yoke, TQ, mouse, second yoke etc etc).  What controllers do you use?  I have a Bravo TQ with a trim wheel, if that is set to trim, bumping it can turn off the A/P.  I can't remember but check and see if there is a setting in the EFB for the plane that says something about disconnect sensitivity.  Setting this to low can help with spurious trips.  

If it worked fine yesterday and then didn't today and there was no update or any other change, it has to be a local issue.  Only you can find it.  It can be frustrated.  I use Axis and Ohs with some voice commands set.  They would activate without me pushing the correct button to turn voice rec on.  Turned out that when I updated my video drivers, I accidently installed the HDMI audio drivers to my TV too.  I pounded my head on the wall for a week and a half trying to fix this.  Glad I didn't post a message in the Axis and Ohs forums about how it was that program at fault.  

Mark "Crabby" Crabtree AAL311 | PHL
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