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A300 Xbox Flight Tracking

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I have encountered this quite a number of times. Autothrottle, Profile and NAV all engaged but it won't follow the flight path. Seems to mostly be focussed around Europe but I've flown group flights with friends also in the A300 and they didn't have the issue. For clarity, I'm on Xbox series X

Let's say fly Schiphol to Leipzig. Depart runway 24 on the ARN3S route. FMC programmed in as follows:


You take off and "EHAM24" stays stuck at the top of the flight plan and as you fly past the STAR waypoints, they don't register as having been passed and the distance to them is incorrect. The first waypoint remains as the next waypoint on the ND. If you activate autopilot in NAV mode, it follows the flight directors trying to chase a waypoint that it can't find. Using "direct to" to change the waypoint will plot a route to that waypoint but again, the flight directors won't follow it and when you reach it in heading mode, it will still be miles away and won't register.

My gut feeling is that the IRS isn't aligning correctly and the aircraft doesn't know exactly where it is and it seems to drift the further into the flight you get. At the first waypoint you'll only be a mile or so out but after a while of using direct to and heading mode it drifts into several miles

After flying the route in heading mode, the ILS works at the destination but that's radio, not GPS


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