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TRP Fuel discrepancy btw. simbreef and FMS


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Anyone knows, why there is a discrepancy between the simbreif TRP fuel and the calculated FMS TRP fuel.

The difference ist most of the time about 1t.

The used fuel at the end of the flight ist how calculated with simbrief; only at programming there is this big difference.

Winds, flightlevel and so on is programmed correctly.


I use the INI simbrief profile and I fligh the A300-600F.



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Absolutely I have a similar problem.   The EFB will not load the fuel that Simbrief clauclates for the flight.   Currently, the EFB is stuck on approx 13,000 lbs of fuel and I caanot find a way to change it.   The imported OFP may indicate 30,000 lbs, but the EFB is stuck on 13,000 lbs no matter what I do.   Anything I try to override in the EFB goes back to 13,000 lbs  and the EFB ignores thre fuel required by the SimBrief OFP.  This is a new probloem following the latest update. 

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