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FMS available for output on external hardware

Art Vandalay

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There is a growing iniBuilds A300-600 community which uses dedicated Hardware like FCU/FMS/EFIS/... to control this wonderful aircraft. At the moment it is possible to control nearly everything by the IniBuilds LVARs using software like spad.next (most popular software in this area).

But plenty of simmers refrain from investing into the A300-600 because one crucial part is missing: You can not display the content of the FMS on any external hardware because it seems the data is locked inside WASM without any interface to grab the data. Most other popular Addons offer the possiblity to do that.
There are developers eagerly waiting for you to add that functionality so they can build popular tools like FMS-control via tablet or other dedicated hardware.

In the name of all enthusiasts, could you please ask the developers if they are willing to provide any method/interface to make the FMS-screen-content available on external Hardware in the near future. I think it can only boost popularity and sales of this product and is free marketing because others are implementing the functionality while you only have to offer the interface.

Thank you and best ragards

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