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V1.03 sounds


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Hello there,

1/ there is a huge different in airflow in the cockpit volume when engines are at idle or at full power. It seems that sound system is balancing between the two, but when engines are at idle air flow sound is too loud in my opinion

2/ I still have no minimum callout? Is it mbecause most of the time minimum is ste at 200' RA and there is alos a 200t call?

3/ Each time I rotate I hear like a voice but I am unable to understand what is said. Is it from Inibuilds?


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1) will take a look, thanks

2) It's definitely there, you are actually hearing it at 3) haha It's possible that it is omitted if it is at the same height as another call, try setting DH to 180 and see if you can here it then

3) see above; put DH to -5 in the window on the FCU to remove the call

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Hey Nico,

I did try a flight, put 180 in the DH copilot window, put 411 in the FMC which I lowered by -20ft compared to the RA in the charts, and did not have any minimum call-out.

Maybe I am configuring it wrong.
Any ideas?

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Oh really? I understood DH box will see a height (most of the time 200' for an ils) and FMC will receive the MDA (200' + field elevation)?

Can you point me to something on how to correctly set this?

Thanks for help.

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