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Brake temp increase despite of fans activated + 0 spd


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I have a recurrent problem : in a autoland procedure, after touch down then retor push + autobrake, the plane brake until taxi speed, then I have an alarm "brake high temp" on ECAM, temperature reached about 500 deg, and continue to increase. I activate the fan, and don't touch the brake again to permit a cool down, but the temperature continue to increase until 700°C (!).

I though of a brake still pushed but, even if I stop the taxi, temp continue to increase.

The only way to get it down is to shut off both engine.

Am  I missing something ?

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Are you using MAX braking ? that might be why. This mode is used almost only in emergency and will heat up the brakes really fast and when the brakes are heating up, they are not easy to stop heating and cooling down...

If that's the case, use always the lowest autobrake settings you can use, depending on the runway length or course. Normally with this kind of plane you should use LOW most of the time and MED only when short and/or contaminated runway or reversers INOP/MEL.

Let me know if that was your problem...

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Hi Alexair,

indeed I use the max auto break, I though it was the good setting for a short (but not so short) landing.

I'll try a flight today with min or med breaking setting and let you know !



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Max break is only for emergency. The rising of temperature despite the break release is normal. Break pads generate the heat but some are not good heat conductors. So the heat is there and it starts propageting out eventhou there is no more extra heat source. Have you seen tires blowing in break tests? Basically the heat produced comes out to the tires. The temperature sensor is not located at the pads, so...

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