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Strange form of the front doors

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I think the nose of the aircraft looks strange. Besides the already known nose being too high and the nose gear problem I think there is something else in the nose that looks fanny. I have compared the a300-600 nose with the inibuilds a310 nose and I think you should take a look at the form of the 1L and 1R doors in the a300 as the vertical curvature of the doors is not aligned with the fuselage vertical structure along the vertical stringer lines on the fuselage. A copy of the a310 nose structure would be perfect.


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Altough it might look weird on the first glance that´s how Airbus designed the nose section and forward doors, probably becuase of the way the fuselage is designed. Even on the A330/A340 the same design can be found. It might be a little over exaggerated the way ini modeled the forward door but that is quite close to the real thing. It depends a lot on perspective, it is more visible when looking from the top rather than from below.

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You definitely have the point.Not only the front door, the whole nose modeling is with a lot problems. As far as i can tell the nose gear is in the wrong position and the front windscreens leaning angle is also different from the real ones, as well as some other minor issues which makes the nose looks terrible. I sincerely hope that the nose can be remodeled is the coming updates.

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