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FSDT- New York KJFK V2

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I downloaded KJFK dynamic lighting for FSDT, but couldn't find the following dds file. I'm using FSDT-KJFK V2, but can't I find it because the version is different?

Or is it possible to produce dynamic lighting for FSDT KJFK V2?


- JFK_roof_01_lm.dds
- JFK_roof_02_lm.dds
- JFK_roof_03_lm.dds
- JFK_roof_04_lm.dds
- JFK_roof_05_lm.dds
- KJFK_SF01_LM.dds
- KJFK_SF02_LM.dds
- KJFK_SF03_LM.dds
- KJFK_SF04_LM.dds
- KJFK_SF05_LM.dds

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