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  1. My KJFK file format is not dds but agn file format
  2. Hello I downloaded KJFK dynamic lighting for FSDT, but couldn't find the following dds file. I'm using FSDT-KJFK V2, but can't I find it because the version is different? Or is it possible to produce dynamic lighting for FSDT KJFK V2? - JFK_roof_01_lm.dds - JFK_roof_02_lm.dds - JFK_roof_03_lm.dds - JFK_roof_04_lm.dds - JFK_roof_05_lm.dds - KJFK_SF01_LM.dds - KJFK_SF02_LM.dds - KJFK_SF03_LM.dds - KJFK_SF04_LM.dds - KJFK_SF05_LM.dds
  3. I disabled the halomap_lm file, and I solved the problem!, I think the halomap_lm file is not compatible with P3DV5 version
  4. Hello I am using P3D V5 platform and have Thai Creation VMMC-Macau for FSX installed on P3dv5 And I installed the dynamic lighting and gsx file provided by ini, but a black triangle box appears on the street light as shown in the attached photo in night mode And I installed iniBuilds Dynamic Lighting Effect Library and p3d.cfg, MAX_POINT_LIGHTS=250 MAX_SPOT_LIGHTS=250 I also adjusted the value to 1000, but it was the same.. Is there a solution?
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