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Slightly changed default pilot view


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Hello iniBuilds team,

could you consider changing the default pilot view slightly? In my opinion the head position could be a little higher and tilted downwards a few degrees.


For example like this?

ND and PFD are horizontally centered and fully visible. You can still see the engines indications of engine no. 1. All other important indicators are visible as well. While taxiing you get a slightly better view on the taxiway lines.

Compared to other aircraft add-ons the default views on the A300 (as well as A310) feel a bit strange - for example the zoomed IAS indicator. A view on the MCDU, tablet etc. would be nice and more important during the busy phases of flight.

Best regards,


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This depend a lot about personnal taste, I don't think Inibuilds will/want to modify this parameter as other people might not like it.

Personnaly my view setting is almost like yours, except that my head is less tilted down and my eye position is slightly more forward and a tiny bit lower. See, lots of variable depending individuals.

The good part of it is that you can set up the view the way you want and save it within MSFS via a keyboard shortcut, like that next time just hit your key shortcut and you'll get the view you want.

Just my 2 cents...

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