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A300 RNAV (RNP) Tutorial (HELP)

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Does anybody know of a Tutorial for RNAV  / RNP Approach's for this Beast A300???? I thought I knew how to ( Re A310 procedure)....... but I don't?? or am I just doing all wrong??

Cant seen to get P-DES to arm in Blue even at or below platform alt in Alt Hold or Flight Level Change / Nav Mode engaged / MDA pre set / Final selected prior - Cant maintain profile on decent / Cant manage Speed with A/T???

A Gazillion ILS Approach tutorials, but nothing on RNAV/RNP 🤷‍♂️

Cheers World 🍺


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It seems to be broken as of build v1.0.2. I saved a copy of v1.0.1 and tried enable approach on that version and there it works as expected, exactly like the a310, you complete all the prerequisites and press profile button when you are at platform altitude and p.des and p.spd gets armed, and once you reach the faf, those becomes active modes and plane starts descending.


In build 1.0.2 with same steps (plus pressing alt gold button to force alt mode from alt* mode at platform altitude) and then pressing the profile button doesn't do anything.

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