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Severe ghosting while panning in all camera modes

Joel S

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Greetings!  I'm experiencing an issue only with the A300 and at least 2 inibuilds airports (KJFK and KSAT).  After launching at a gate and sitting in cockpit mode for an extended period of time, when I switch to either or showcase mode, I experience severe ghosting when panning (i switch back to cockpit mode and the severe ghosting is now exhibited there too).  I've done the same test using other planes OR other stock airports and have not experienced this issue.  As a remedy, I go into Graphic Settings and simply make a back and forth switch to bring up the Apply Settings button.  After applying and returning to the flight the severe ghosting is gone. 

I'll add the following settings I'm using in case they are important to note:   RTX4070 TI (using the latest driver which I already reinstalled using DDU), DX12 with frame generation. 1080p. VSync On. 

Thank you.

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