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Looping "banging" or "metal footsteps" sound in cockpit during cruise since 1.02


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Hey guys,

First of all thanks for the reactivity regarding the latest update, in my opinion engines and the overall sound balance is much much better now !

Anyways, I would like to report a strange noise that you can hear in the cockpit during cruise (it becomes clearer as you get above FL150 and engine sounds get muffled).

It's looping, you can hear it repeating over and over. It sounds like someone is banging against a metal door, or like heavy footseps on a metal scaffold. "bam, bam, bam.... Bam, bam, bam...".

It's a bit subtle but with headphones you can hear it quite clearly. I find it a bit irritating lol, sounds like something is wrong with the aircraft.

Note: it's only heard in the cockpit, not in the cabin.

I'll get a recording. Is anybody hearing the same ?

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