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A300 unable to power up the plane


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I am unable to start the APU, everything seem to be setop okay but it won't fire up.

When I choose "On APU" in the EFB the apu is on, but then the eicas screens go black and there is no APU Gen working.

When I then press EXT PWR  on the overhead the GEN is back, but then the APU is shutting down and I am unable to restart it.

On my system this seems to be some kind of bug, I am unable to perform a flight.

I did a reinstall already, also have the 1.01 update installed.

Your help is much appreciated ! 

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I have similar issue after last update, A300-600, impossible to start APU from a cold and dark situation . No way , sure battery on and all procedures, I have familiarity with any aircraft from several years. some bug now with starting APU, can you double check pls after last release?

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49 minutes ago, Bentree said:

Go to the failure system and service the APU, even when the failure system is not active.

that will solve the issue!😊👍

Many thanks! i will try asap at the desktop. That makes sense 🙂🙂

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I keep having this same issue, I have used the APU servicing option as suggested and still nothing. This is not persistent but when it happens i have to close the flight and re open.

It is definitely a bug.

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There has got to be a local issue/conflict here.  I start cold and dark and never have seen this on any version.  I would start with control bindings even/especially if you think there is no issue there.  Next, empty your community folder. Completely empty it and only use the house livery.  You can empty the folder by simply copying and pasting the contents to another location, however if you want to take control and master you community folder and addons, use MSFSAddons Linker from flightsim.to.  This way you can quickly add things back in however I would recommend you keep your sim as debloated as possible.  There are many advantages to this.   I only start the sim with the two airports I am using (if addons), the plane and livery I will use.  That's it. (Navigraph is always loaded).  

Mark "Crabby" Crabtree AAL311 | PHL
I7-9700KF | 2070 Super | Honeycomb Alpha/Bravo | MFG Crosswind


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