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Cabin Ready Notification


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Would add a nice bit of realism to have (on the Passenger variant) a flight attendant voice say something to the effect of “Captain, the cabin is secure.”  Since the EFB recognizes Simbrief departure time, it could be triggered via that.  However, the departure time on the EFB would need to be tuned to pushback time and not wheels up time.  Honestly, it should be pushback time anyways as this is what matters in most operations.  I think these little things would add so much to the experience.  Really makes you feel like you’re preparing a large ship for a long journey.

For example, it could work as follows:

*5min prior to Simbrief pushback time* *cockpit door open* *on the ground* *engines off* as the trigger

1.) Flight attendant audio plays “Captain, the cabin is secure”

2.) Cockpit door closes



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